Formed in 2023, the Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem consists of three core solutions: AMOS, AVIATAR and flydocs.

By providing complementary digital products and services, the Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem offers comprehensive coverage of digital Tech Ops value streams – a unique offering in the aviation industry.

Under the umbrella of Lufthansa Technik, all partners are leaders in the digitisation of Tech Ops and MRO and are committed to enabling airlines and other customers to take their operations digital.


World-leading maintenance, engineering and MRO software.


Independent platform for data & analytics solutions.


Leading supplier of digital records and asset management solutions.

By joining forces, the three independent partners take a united customer-centric and collaborative approach to connect the dots between modular solutions.

Complete data coverage

The Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem enables comprehensive data coverage across the entire value stream in Tech Ops.

This combines data with the digital-expertise of the three ecosystem companies and Lufthansa Technik’s engineering and MRO background to bring customers opportunities to accelerate their digitisation with completely new offerings and heaps of added value.

The ecosystem will:

  • Reduce cost of technical operations
  • Enhance process efficiency
  • Increase operational stability and aircraft availability
  • Optimise asset value throughout entire life and lease cycles.
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Digitise faster

Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem is uniquely able to offer vast integration capabilities, thanks to our focus on digital solutions and technical operation’s IT solutions landscape. This plays a key role in ensuring true end-to-end digitisation across the full value chain.

Plus, with the capabilities to integrate many market players, customers can digitise faster using industry data exchange standards via Tech Ops Ecosystem solutions.

The benefits of the Digital Tech Ops Ecosystem are built on five key principles, all contributing to the digitalisation of the airline industry:




Collaborative and connectable with digital solutions of customers, partners and standard interfaces.




Customers and partners can choose individual, feasible features of the product portfolio.




Customers are able to stay independent of OEMs and MROs.




Ownership of the data stays with the operator and builds on secure interfaces to grant customers and partners full control of their data.




The Tech Ops Ecosystem ensures a consistent workflow and data access across solutions.

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